Shenzhen Atom Technology Co.,Ltd. (short for ATOM) was established in 2003. It's a leading connector manufacturer which integrates R&D and production. Customers are full of more than 100 countries in the world. Through continuous innovation, ATOM dedicated to connector industry, industry user as well as the application of connectors. Atom provides stronger function and experiences the best revolutionary connector products and solutions.


"I went to many places and met many people at different places. They spoke different languages, with different faces and ate different foods." Maybe I'll think what make me see differnt things on the earth. Herhaps it's cars, planes and ships connect me with friends from different places of the world.ATOM is a young person, and his tramp is just a beginning. He wants to travel to each corner of the world and connect hearts together.


In fact, success is never easy to gain. There's no wealth with just talking big and there's no high-tech drops from the clouds either. Pursue excellence needs endless night cudgel thinking and also needs continous insist on working 72 hours.


We build a flatform on which dream is respected and also construct a pure enterprise environment. On this condition, we work hard to explore outstanding way of product and enterprise culture.